Our Neighborhood Concerns & Issues

  Since 1985, we have been working to help improve the quality of life for the members of our community.
            Development and Zone Changes
Pico Blvd Upzoning/Development: Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan
City Planning Case: CPC-2013-621-ZC-GPA-SP
Environmental Case :ENV-2013-622-EIR

The Draft EIR has been released. A comment period ending June 5, 2017 has begun.

Visit the LA City Department of Planning website for complete details:
Read for yourself to see what is being planned for our area.
An Open House and public hearing will be held Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at the IMAN Foundation
 3376 Motor Avenue, LA, CA 90034 @ 6:00-8:00pm please attend, let your voice be heard.

 At the intersection of Pico/Sepulveda, buildings from 50" to 148' in height would be allowed.
We are concerned this blanket change of zoning in our area will not result in a better quality of life, but will lead to more congestion, drain on city emergency responders, water, schools, parks, sewers, and increase traffic and lack of parking.
  No new parks, schools, libraries, public parking spots, fire or police have been included in the plan.  Apartments would not include parking in their rents. Mandated by covenants, building owners would need to permanently keep parking a separate charge, and would be allowed to rent parking to other entities not tenants of those buildings. 
There are many more points outlined in the plan. Please click the link above and read through the many issues and impacts we will be faced with in our neighborhood.

The Los Angeles City Council will ultimately be the deciding entity whether or not this plan is approved as written.

Public comments on this issue should be sent by 5:00pm June 5, 2017 to:
Lameese Chang, Department of City Planning
200 N. Spring Street, room 667 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone (213) 978-1178